'Nothing To Anyone' by David Domminney Fowler - Release Date Announced

The new album will be released 2nd Oct 2017

Available on CD and via download from our shop and shipping from Monday 2nd Oct, Nothing To Anyone is the new album from David Domminney Fowler.

"The title Nothing To Anyone came about after a conversation with Jan (Jensen - drums). Our last album together that never got properly released was called All Things To All People, and it certainly wasn't that, in fact it probably meant nothing to anyone. I hope this new album sums up feelings that mean something to everybody, so it seemed fitting to name it the direct opposite of our last attempt. With the title came the opening song lyrics. That song was originally planned as an instrumental with random talking and odd screams, but it took on a whole other meaning and the theme to the album fell in to place. It's amazing what a title can do... and 9 other songs."

Featuring 10 original tracks and running at approx. 51 mins, it also has a few guests.

On drums is David's old friend and bandmate, Jan Jensen. Recorded during a week long visit to London from Copenhagen Jan hit the drums so hard that recording had to be relocated after noise complaints.

Adding bass on Little Words, guitars on Sedation and Innocent, and vocals on Sedation, Take Two and The End is Ricky Howard. 

Colin Norfield, award winning sound engineer for Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Spandau Ballet and Toto added the bass to Sedation.

Emily Lynn also added some vocals at the end of Little Words.

And finally, the album would not be as good if it wasn't for some final critical feedback and mix tweaks by Trevor Gilligan, sound engineer for Aussie Floyd, David Gilmour, Muse, Kasabian and Imelda May.

To buy the album go to www.atomheartmedia.com/shop

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