'Lost Galaxies' by Chris Barnes Out Now!

Available to download now!

“Lost Galaxies” is the debut album from Chris Barnes, an instrumental odyssey into 70s space rock and progressive sounds. Completed in early 2018 the album is written, performed and produced entirely by Chris, who explains 

“After years of performing other people’s music in a variety of bands, I wanted to get back to writing again and decided to start with something that reflects a different side to me as a writer and musician. I also wanted to make an instrumental album to allow the music to carry the listener off into their own space”.

The album’s nine tracks covers fifty minutes and a mixture of moods from the drifting opening track “First Signal” to the driving “Escaping The Galaxies” and the epic “Voyage Into The Vortex”, all in keeping with the stylistic framework of the underground scene of the early 70s.

“I tried to maintain that throughout Lost Galaxies as I have a huge passion for that era and the production used on those albums. I’ve always been fascinated by that style of music, I think the Mellotron confirms that”.

“Lost Galaxies” has been mastered by David Domminney Fowler and sound engineer Trevor Gilligan contributed ideas during the final mixing process. The album also has a backstory to it, which outlines the plight of the survivors escaping from an isolated planet that has been invaded and eventually destroyed. “Lost Galaxies” is accompanied by the amazing artwork of David Chesters.

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